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2014 Family Enduro Series Schedule
Date Event Name / Flyer Club / Promoter Location / Map Event Info
04/12/14 Sand Booger Grand Kankakee Trail Riders Roselawn, IN Weather

Arbor Day Enduro

Tree Planting
Family Enduro Series, Inc.

District 14, Lansing M/C,
Kalkaska, MI

See tree planting flyer
for location
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» Trout Festival
05/17/14 Treaty City Family Enduro Treaty City M/C Greenville, OH Weather
06/28/14 Mini Moose UP Sandstormers Marquette, MI Weather
07/19/14 Grapevine Family Enduro Hardcore Jesus Freaks Lawton, MI Weather
07/26/14 Matthews Family Enduro Muddobbers M/C Matthews, IN Weather
08/02/14 Weed Wacker Valley Trail Riders Bentley, MI Weather
08/23/14 Pine Cone Lansing Motorcycle Club Moorestown, MI Weather
09/06/14 Baby Bear SingleTrack Off-Road Events Fairview, MI   
09/28/14 Traverse City Family Enduro Family Enduro Series, Inc. Traverse City, MI Weather
11/01/14 Turkey Gobbler Riders M/C New Paris, IN   
01/24/15 Offroad Awards Banquet D14 Enduro & Hare Scramble
Divisions, and FES
» Comfort Inn & Suites
» Mt. Pleasant, MI
Best 6 out of 10 events count towards overall series points. Minimum of 5 events to be eligible for year-end awards.
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