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Get Ready for the 2017 Season!

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#1: District 14 Enduro Series Registration
In order to earn enduro series points, everyone must register online at the beginning of the season. This works similar to the MotoTally pre-entry system.

• Registration is needed only once per season, and it's good from the date you register through December 31st.

• Once registered, you'll receive series points for the remainder of the season. If registering on the day of a race (you can register via a smartphone), you'll get points for that event. If you register after an event you raced, you will not get points for that race.

• To help operate the series and fund the awards banquet, a $10 fee will be assessed during series registration (1x per year). The average value of last year's awards package was $107 per rider. Ride a minimum of 6 events to be eligible for year-end awards, and make that $10 back many times over (and riders tell us we have the best awards package of any series!).

• You must be a member in good standing with the AMA and District 14 (see #2 and #3 below). This will be strictly enforced.

• It's a promoter's responsibility to ask for proof of membership, and a rider's obligation to provide such proof. Riders without proof at sign-up may be required to purchase a membership at the event. Note: You will not be required to provide proof of D14 Enduro Series Registration - It's automated via MotoTally.
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#2: District 14 Membership
All enduro riders that live within the geographical boundary of District 14 must be a District 14 member (this includes the Lower Peninsula, and the eastern half of the Upper Peninsula). Note: National Enduros do not have any district membership requirements.

If you happen to live outside of D14, but are interested in earning series points for year-end awards, then you must be a D14 member as of the date of the event. You can't ride a couple of D14 enduros, then decide to sign-up, and expect to retroactively earn points for the previously ridden events.

With the D14 membership term no longer on a calendar-year basis, it does make it harder to remember to keep this current if it happens to expire mid-season (there's no reminder letter or e-mail).

So please... Pull out your D14 card, and look at the expiration date. Better yet, when you do renew, sign up for 3 years so you don't have to worry about it for a while!
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#3: AMA Membership
All D14 events require you to be a member of the AMA. Dig out your card, and take a look at the expiration date. Better yet, when you sign-up or renew online, if you select auto-renew, you get FREE roadside assistance, and never have to worry about your AMA renewal again! A new card just magically shows up in your mailbox when it's supposed to.

Also, for those renewing, please include your current AMA number so that you get the same one. It causes issues with the few riders that decide to get a new AMA number every year.
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